Deconstructing the Personal and the Political

“There is nothing so ‘personal’ or ‘individual’ about our experiences of getting beaten. But we could not realize the universality of our experience because our lips were sealed.” Flavia Agnes’ autobiographical account portrays the micro-level manifestations of the most brutal forces of patriarchy. What was her own experience constitutes the daily lives of more than a 100,000 other Indian women. But there is strength in this sisterhood of suffering.

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Delhi University and the Pedagogy of Incompetence

The Political Science department of Delhi University is one of the oldest and the best in the nation. Yet, it is woefully underwhelming. This is not the story of falling teaching or research standards. Nor is it a tale of dwindling attendance and attention. This article is about the wastage of cognitive skills, efforts and taxpayer money.

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Gender Jest(Ice): Are Sexist Jokes Funny?

“As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, ‘If I’m going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman.’ She removes all her clothing and asks, ‘Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?’ A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, ‘Here, iron this!’”
A male monopoly of language protects phallocentric cultural supremacy.

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